Infrastructure Engineering (CE-7005)

Infrastructure Engineering (CE-7005) RGPV notes CBGS


Infrastructure:Definitions of infrastructure, Governing Features,Historical overview of Infrastructure development inIndia, Infrastructure Organizations & Systems.

Infrastructure Planning:Typical infrastructure planning steps, Planning andappraisal of major infrastructure projects, Screeningof project ideas, Life cycle analysis, Multi-criteriaanalysis for comparison of infrastructurealternatives, Procurement strategies, Scheduling andmanagement of planning activities, InfrastructureProject Budgeting and Funding, RegulatoryFramework, Sources of Funding.

Project Management in Construction:Introduction to project management processes -Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, andClosing processes; Project Integration Management - Project plan development, Project plan execution,and Overall change control; Project ScopeManagement - Initiation, Scope planning, Scopedefinition, Scope verification, and Scope changecontrol.

Contracts and Management of Contracts:Engineering contracts and its formulation, Definition and essentials of a contract, Indian Contract Act1872, types of contracts and clauses for contracts,Preparation of tender documents, Issues related totendering process, Awarding contract.


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