Earthquake Resistant Design (CE-7005)

Earthquake Resistant Design (CE-7005) RGPV notes CBGS


Introduction to engineering seismology, Geological and tectonic features of India, Origin and propagation of seismic waves, Earthquake measurement parameters, Characteristics of earthquake and its quantification- Magnitude and Intensity scales, Seismic instruments. Seismic zoning map of India.

Response history and strong motion characteristics. Response Spectrum- elastic and inelastic response spectra, tripartite (D-V-A) response spectrum, use of response spectrum in earthquake resistant design.Computation of seismic forces in multi-storeyed buildings - using procedures as per codal provisions.

Structural configuration for earthquake resistant design, Concept of plan irregularities and vertical irregularities, Soft storey, Torsion in buildings. Design provisions for these in IS-1893. Effect of infill masonry walls on frames, modeling concepts of infill masonry walls.Behaviour of masonry buildings during earthquakes, failure patterns, strength of masonry in shear and flexure, Slenderness concept of masonry walls,

Seismic design philosophy,Load combinations, Ductility and energy absorption in buildings.confinement of concrete for ductility, design of columns and beams for ductility, ductile detailing provisions as per IS-1893. Lateral load resisting structural systems.

Introduction, concept and types of seismic control systems as active, passive and semi-active systems. Requirements of efficient earthquake resistant structural system, damping devices, base isolation systems. Retrofitting of structures


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