Digital Image Processing (EC-7004)

Digital Image Processing (EC-7004) RGPV notes CBGS


UNIT 1:Digital Image Processing (DIP)
Introduction, examples of fields that use DIP, fundamental steps in DIP, components of an image processing system.
Digital Image Fundamentals: elements of visual perception, image sensing and acquisition, image sampling and quantization, basic relationships between pixels.

UNIT 2: Image Transforms
Two-dimensional (2D) impulse and its shifting properties, 2D continuous Fourier Transform pair, 2D sampling and sampling theorem, 2D Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), properties of 2D DFT.
Other transforms and their properties: Cosine transform, Sine transform, Walsh transform, Hadamard transform, Haar transform, Slant transform, KL transform

Image Enhancement Spatial domain methods: basic intensity transformation functions, fundamentals of spatial filtering, smoothing spatial filters (linear and non-linear), sharpening spatial filters (unsharp masking and high boost filters), combined spatial enhancement method.
Frequency domain methods: basics of filtering in frequency domain, image smoothing filters (Butterworth and Gaussian low pass filters), image sharpening filters (Butterworth and Gaussian high pass filters), selective filtering.

UNIT 4: Image Restoration
Image degradation/restoration, noise models, restoration by spatial filtering, noise reduction by frequency domain filtering, linear position invariant degradations, estimation of degradation function, inverse filtering, Wiener filtering, image reconstruction from projection.

UNIT 5: Image Compression
Fundamentals of data compression: basic compression methods: Huffman coding, Golomb coding, LZW coding, Run-Length coding, Symbol based coding. Digital image watermarking, representation and description- minimum perimeter polygons algorithm (MPP).



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