Workshop-II (EC-6006)

EC-6006 - Workshop-II RGPV notes CBGS


UNIT 1: Use and application of Electronic Instruments: CRO, Function generator, Conception Level Introduction: Specifying Parts, Packages and Pin Names, Libraries and Checking foot prints of the components, Partlist, Netlist, Making Netlist Files, Placing Parts, Routing Traces, Modifying Traces, Mounting Holes, Adding Text, PCB Layout, DRC, Pattern Transfer etc.

UNIT 2: PCB FABRICATION PROCESS: Etching, cleaning, drying and drilling etc.

UNIT 3: ASSEMBLING AND TESTING : Identifying the components and its location on the PCB, soldering of active and passive components, Testing the assembled circuit for correct functionality, Prototype designing etc.

Chameli Devi Group Of Institutions [NOTES]

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