Metal Cutting & machine Tools (ME-6004)

ME-6004 - Metal Cutting & machine Tools RGPV notes CBGS


UNIT 1: Lathe: Classification of machine tools and their basic components; lathe- specification, components & accessories, various operations on lathes, capstan & turret lathes, tool layout, methods of thread production, machining time, single point cutting tools, tool signature and nomenclature
UNIT 2: Grinding: Types of grinding machines, surface, cylindrical and internal grinding, grinding wheels, specifications, wheel turning and dressing without eccentricity, centre-less grinding.
UNIT 3: Milling: Vertical, horizontal and universal type machines, specifications and classifications of milling machines, universal dividing head plain and different indexing, gear cutting, milling cutters. Drilling & Broaching: Fixed spindle, radial and universal drilling machines, drilling time, broaching principle, broaches and broaching machines.
UNIT 4: Shapers: Classification and specifications, principle parts, quick return mechanism, shaper operations, speed feed, depth of cut, machining time. Surface qualities, equipment used for rating surfaces, rms. CLA value, causes for surface irregularities. Gear Cutting: Die casting, methods of forming gears, generating process, Gear shaping, gear shaving, gear grinding gear testing.
UNIT 5: Mechatronics: Introduction to control systems, analog control, transfer function, procedure for writing transfer function, signal flow diagram, introduction to electronic components like switches, magnetic type, electromagnetic type, transducers and other sensors, servo motors, basics of CD-ROM players, PLC, applications, CNC machines.

Chameli Devi Group Of Institutions [NOTES]


1. Rao PN; Manufacturing Technology vol I and II; TMH
2. Hazra Chadhary; Workshop Tech.II; Media Promoter and Pub
3. Lindberg RA; Processes and Materials of Manufacturing; PHI.
4. Raghuvanshi;BS; Work shop technology Vol-I, II; Dhanpat Rai Delhi
5. Alciatori DG, Histand MB; Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement system; TMH
6. HMT; Production Processes; TMH

List of Experiment

1. To make a job on lathe machine with all operations like turning, step turning, drilling , tapper turning ,thread cutting and knurling .
2. Study of center less grinding machine/ tool and cutter type grinding machine.
3. Study of horizontal/ universal milling machine, diving head and indexing mechanism of it.
4. To cut a spur gear on milling machine using rapid indexing method.
5. Study of radial drilling machine and preparing a job on it.
6. To study a sapping machine to learn about working of quick return mechanism.

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