Data Communication (IT-5005)


UNIT 1: Data and signal-Analog and digital signals, Time and frequency domain, Composite signals, - Bandwidth, bit rate, bit length, Baseband and broadband transmission, Attenuation, distortion, noise,Nyquist bit rate ,Shannon capacity ,Throughout, delay ,Jitter, Bandwidth delay product.
UNIT 2: Data communication concepts – Data transmission – Parallel and serial transmission, synchronous, and Asynchronous transmission, Simplex,half duplex and fullduplex , unipolar and polar line codes, Non return to zero codes, return to zero codes, bipolar line codes, bauds , modem, Line configurations-Point to point and point to multipoint configuration.
UNIT 3: Telephone Network-Network topology, signaling- SS7,dial-up modems, modem standard, digital subscriber line – ADSL,SDSL,VDSL .Multiplexing,Frequency division multiplexing, time division multiplexing and wavelength division multiplexing, pulse code modulation, pleisochronous digital hierarchy( PDH), synchronous digital hierarchy ( SDH) ,STM -1 frame, virtual container, mapping of data signals on STM- 1.
UNIT 4: Switching techniques- Circuit , packet and hybrid switching, Types of error, single bit error, burst error, Error detection , Vertical redundancy check, Longitudinal redundancy check, cyclic redundancy check, error correction, Integrated services digital network, ISDN interface, ISDN devices, reference points ,ISDN services, ISDN Protocols
UNIT 5: Transmission media-Guided and unguided media, twisted pair ,Unshielded twisted pair and Shielded twisted pair, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable, radio waves, microwaves and infrared transmission RJ- 45,Network interface card, rack, cable standard-Category 5,6,and 7,cross connection, straight connection cable coding standards.


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